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Faculty Picture

Andersen, Niels H., Professor

(Biophysical, Bioorganic, and Medicinal Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204E

andersen@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7099


Faculty Picture

Boydston, Andrew J. (AJ), Associate Professor

(Organic, Organometallic, and Polymer Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204C

boydston@chem.washington.edu, 206-616-8195

Faculty Picture

Bush, Matthew F., Assistant Professor

(Bioanalytical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Chemistry Library 131

mattbush@uw.edu, 206-543-7835, 206-221-4070


Faculty Picture

Campbell, Charles T., Professor

(Nanoscience, Environmental Catalysis, Physical and Bioanalytical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 223

charliec@uw.edu, 206-616-6085

Faculty Picture

Chatterjee, Champak, Associate Professor

(Synthetic Protein Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biochemistry)

Chemistry Building 204K

chatterjee@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-2349, 206-616-1290

Faculty Picture

Chiu, Daniel T., Professor

(Analytical, Biological, Materials, and Physical Chemistry, Nanotechnology)

Bagley Hall 204A

chiu@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1655

Faculty Picture

Cossairt, Brandi M., Assistant Professor

(Inorganic and Materials Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304B

cossairt@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-4643, 206-221-1774


Faculty Picture

Drobny, Gary P., Professor and Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program

(Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 217

drobny@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2052


Faculty Picture

Fu, Dan, Assistant Professor

(Analytical, Biological, and Physical Chemistry)

Chemistry Library 159

danfu@uw.edu, 206-616-5691


Faculty Picture

Gamelin, Daniel R., Professor

(Physical Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404B

gamelin@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-0901

Faculty Picture

Gelb, Michael H., Professor

(Chemical Biology, Biochemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404F

gelb@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7142

Faculty Picture

Ginger, David S., Professor

(Physical and Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology)

Bagley Hall 202B

dginger@uw.edu, 206-685-2331


Faculty Picture

Heinekey, D. Michael, Professor and Chair

(Organometallic and Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304F

or Bagley Hall 109H

heinekey@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1613 (BAG), 206-543-7522 (CHB)

Faculty Picture

Hopkins, Paul B., Professor

(Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 303E

hopkins@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-0578, 206-543-1611


Faculty Picture

Jenekhe, Samson A., Professor

(Chemical Engineering)

Benson Hall 363

jenekhe@cheme.washington.edu, 206-543-5525


Faculty Picture

Keller, Sarah L., Professor

(Biophysics and Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 214

slkeller@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-9613

Faculty Picture

Khalil, Munira, Associate Professor

(Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 210

mkhalil@uw.edu, 206-543-6682

Faculty Picture

Kovacs, Julia A., Professor

(Bioinorganic and Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204F

kovacs@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-0713, 206-616-2997


Faculty Picture

Lalic, Gojko, Associate Professor

(Organic and Organometallic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304H

lalic@chem.washington.edu, 206-616-8493

Faculty Picture

Li, Xiaosong, Professor

(Theoretical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 305A

xsli@uw.edu, 206-685-1804


Faculty Picture

Maibaum, Lutz, Assistant Professor

(Theoretical Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 307

maibaum@chem.washington.edu, 206-221-3931

Faculty Picture

Maly, Dustin J., Professor

(Biological Chemistry, Catalysis)

Chemistry Building 404D

maly@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1653

Faculty Picture

Masiello, David J., Associate Professor

(Plasmonics, Nanophotonics, Many-body Theory)

Bagley Hall 323

masiello@uw.edu, 206-543-5579

Faculty Picture

McCoy, Anne B., Professor

(Theoretical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 482A

abmccoy@uw.edu, 206-543-7464

Faculty Picture

Michael, Forrest E., Associate Professor

(Organic and Organometallic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404H

michael@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6519


Faculty Picture

Nelson, Alshakim, Assistant Professor

(Organic, Materials, and Polymer Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404K

alshakim@uw.edu, 206-543-2083


Faculty Picture

Rathod, Pradipsinh, Professor

(Malaria Pharmacology, Functional Genomics)

Bagley Hall 192H

rathod@chem.washington.edu, 206-221-6069

Faculty Picture

Reid, Philip J., Professor

(Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 201A

or 422A in the 4545 Building (15th Avenue NE & NE 45th Street)

preid@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6147

Faculty Picture

Robinson, Bruce H., Professor

(Biophysical and Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 212

robinson@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1773


Faculty Picture

Sasaki, Tomikazu, Professor

(Bioorganic, Organic, and Biostructural Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204H

sasaki@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6590

Faculty Picture

Schlenker, Cody W., Assistant Professor

(Materials, Physical, and Organic Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 296

schlenk@uw.edu, 206-221-8627

Faculty Picture

Spiro, Thomas G., Professor

(Bioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304G

spiro@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-4964

Faculty Picture

Stoll, Stefan, Assistant Professor

(Bioanalytical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 227

stst@uw.edu, 206-543-2906

Faculty Picture

Synovec, Robert E., Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Program

(Analytical Chemistry)

Chemistry Library 149

synovec@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2328


Faculty Picture

Theberge, Ashleigh, Assistant Professor

Analytical and Biological Chemistry, Biomedical Science and Engineering

Bagley Hall 225

abt1@uw.edu, 206-685-2330

Faculty Picture

Turecek, Frantisek, Professor

(Analytical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 218

turecek@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2041


Faculty Picture

Varani, Gabriele, Professor

(Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 063C

varani@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7113

Faculty Picture

Vaughan, Joshua C., Assistant Professor

(Analytical, Biological, and Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 215

jcv2@uw.edu, 206-543-4644

Faculty Picture

Velian, Alexandra, Assistant Professor

(Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, Material Science)

Chemistry Building 304C

avelian@uw.edu, 206-616-5179


Faculty Picture

Zalatan, Jesse G., Assistant Professor

(Biological Chemistry, Enzymology)

Bagley Hall 421A

zalatan@uw.edu, 206-543-1670

Faculty Picture

Zhang, Bo, Professor

(Analytical, Bioanalytical, and Electrochemistry)

Bagley Hall 209

zhang@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1767

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