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Faculty Picture

Andersen, Niels H., Professor

(Biophysical, Biorganic, and Medicinal Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204E

andersen@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7099


Faculty Picture

Boydston, Andrew J. (AJ), Assistant Professor

(Organic, Organometallic, and Polymer Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204C

boydston@chem.washington.edu, 206-616-8195

Faculty Picture

Bush, Matthew F., Assistant Professor

(Bioanalytical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Chemistry Library 131

bush@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7835, 206-221-4070


Faculty Picture

Campbell, Charles T., Professor

(Nanoscience, Environmental Catalysis, Physical and Bioanalytical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 223

campbell@chem.washington.edu, 206-616-6085

Faculty Picture

Chatterjee, Champak, Assistant Professor

(Synthetic Protein Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biochemistry)

Chemistry Building 204K

chatterjee@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-2349, 206-616-1290

Faculty Picture

Chiu, Daniel T., Professor

(Analytical, Biological, Materials, and Physical Chemistry, Nanotechnology)

Bagley Hall 204A

chiu@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1655

Faculty Picture

Cossairt, Brandi M., Assistant Professor

(Inorganic and Materials Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404K

cossairt@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-4643, 206-221-1774


Faculty Picture

Drobny, Gary P., Professor and Associate Chair, Undergraduate Program

(Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 217

drobny@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2052


Faculty Picture

Gamelin, Daniel R., Professor

(Physical Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404B

gamelin@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-0901

Faculty Picture

Gelb, Michael H., Professor

(Chemical Biology, Biochemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404F

gelb@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7142

Faculty Picture

Ginger, David S., Professor

(Physical and Materials Chemistry, Nanotechnology)

Bagley Hall 202B

ginger@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2331

Faculty Picture

Goldberg, Karen I., Professor

(Organometallic and Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304B

goldberg@chem.washington.edu, 206-616-2973


Faculty Picture

Heinekey, D. Michael, Professor

(Organometallic and Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304F

heinekey@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7522

Faculty Picture

Hopkins, Paul B., Professor and Chair

(Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 109H

chair@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1613


Faculty Picture

Jen, Alex K.-Y., Professor

Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Roberts Hall 302J

ajen@uw.edu, 206-543-2626, 206-685-3996

Faculty Picture

Jenekhe, Samson A., Professor

(Chemical Engineering)

Benson Hall 363

jenekhe@cheme.washington.edu, 206-543-5525


Faculty Picture

Keller, Sarah L., Professor

(Biophysics and Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 214

slkeller@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-9613

Faculty Picture

Khalil, Munira, Assistant Professor

(Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 210

mkhalil@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6682

Faculty Picture

Kovacs, Julia A., Professor

(Bioinorganic and Inorganic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204F

kovacs@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-0713, 206-616-2997


Faculty Picture

Lalic, Gojko, Assistant Professor

(Organic and Organometallic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 304H

lalic@chem.washington.edu, 206-616-8493

Faculty Picture

Li, Xiaosong, Associate Professor

(Theoretical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 305A

xsli@uw.edu, 206-685-1804


Faculty Picture

Maibaum, Lutz, Assistant Professor

(Theoretical Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 307

maibaum@chem.washington.edu, 206-221-3931

Faculty Picture

Maly, Dustin J., Associate Professor

(Biological Chemistry, Catalysis)

Chemistry Building 404D

maly@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1653

Faculty Picture

Masiello, David J., Assistant Professor

(Theoretical Chemistry, Many-body Theory, Nanoscale Optics)

Bagley Hall 323

masiello@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-5579

Faculty Picture

Michael, Forrest E., Associate Professor

(Organic and Organometallic Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 404H

michael@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6519


Faculty Picture

Rathod, Pradipsinh, Professor

(Malaria Pharmacology, Functional Genomics)

Bagley Hall 192H

rathod@chem.washington.edu, 206-221-6069

Faculty Picture

Reid, Philip J., Professor

(Physical Chemistry)

422A in the 4545 Building (15th Avenue NE & NE 45th Street) or

Bagley Hall 201A

preid@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6147

Faculty Picture

Robinson, Bruce H., Professor

(Biophysical and Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 212

robinson@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1773


Faculty Picture

Sasaki, Tomikazu, Professor

(Bioorganic, Organic, and Biostructural Chemistry)

Chemistry Building 204H

sasaki@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-6590

Faculty Picture

Schlenker, Cody W., Assistant Professor

(Materials, Physical, and Organic Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 303F

schlenk@uw.edu, 206-543-0578

Faculty Picture

Spiro, Thomas G., Professor

(Bioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 421A

spiro@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-4964

Faculty Picture

Stoll, Stefan, Assistant Professor

(Bioanalytical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 227

stst@uw.edu, 206-543-2906

Faculty Picture

Synovec, Robert E., Professor and Associate Chair, Graduate Program

(Analytical Chemistry)

Chemistry Library 149

synovec@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2328


Faculty Picture

Turecek, Frantisek, Professor

(Analytical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 218

turecek@chem.washington.edu, 206-685-2041


Faculty Picture

Varani, Gabriele, Professor

(Physical and Biophysical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 063C

varani@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-7113

Faculty Picture

Vaughan, Joshua C., Assistant Professor

(Analytical, Biological, and Physical Chemistry)

Bagley Hall 215

jcv2@uw.edu, 206-543-4644


Faculty Picture

Zalatan, Jesse G., Assistant Professor (starting September 2014)

(Biological Chemistry, Enzymology)

Bagley Hall 294


Faculty Picture

Zhang, Bo, Assistant Professor

(Analytical, Bioanalytical, and Electrochemistry)

Bagley Hall 209

zhang@chem.washington.edu, 206-543-1767

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