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Balakrishnan, Gurusamy, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 425 206-685-4793

Beaty, William, Research Engineer

Bagley Hall 074 206-543-6195

Bodey, Joan, Director of Finance

Bagley Hall 109C 206-685-2333

Buck, Lon, Research Engineer

Bagley Hall 074 206-543-6195

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Camp, Eric, Scientific Instructional Technician

Bagley Hall 333C 206-543-1207

Carlton, Heidi, Fiscal Specialist

Bagley Hall 109Q 206-543-1698

Carter, Mack, Program Operations Specialist

Molecular Engineering G43H 206-616-9320

Cavelti, Marianne, Scientific Instructional Technician

Bagley Hall 291BA 206-685-0524, 206-314-1257 (pager)

Chan, Jerry, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Bagley Hall 303 206-543-4658

Chen, Yu, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 063B 206-543-5081

Chery, Laura, Program Manager, South Asia ICEMR

Bagley Hall 192L 206-543-0310

Collier-Fulmore, Jill, Academic Advisor

Bagley Hall 303A 206-685-8376

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Dickie, Jerrie, Research Stockroom Manager

Bagley Hall 036J 206-543-1624

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Earnshaw, Jim, Senior Computer Specialist

Bagley Hall 363 206-616-4967

Elder, Delwin, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 383 206-685-3659

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Fincher, Karen, Technical Secretary

Bagley Hall 203A 206-685-8445

Forster, Jean, Technical Secretary

Bagley Hall 311 206-543-1671

Fujimoto, Bryant, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 058 206-543-4529

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Geraghty, Jon, Secretary Senior

Chemistry Building 204A 206-616-5179

Ghomashchi, Farideh, Research Scientist

Chemistry Building 417 206-616-4216

Gladden, James, Director of Technical Services

Bagley Hall 098 206-685-2081

Godin, Katherine, Program Manager, PREP and Research Associate

Bagley Hall 063B 206-543-5081

Gruhn, Nadine, Managing Director, CENTC

Bagley Hall 422B 206-543-3581

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Harmon, Susan, Fiscal Specialist

Bagley Hall 109P 206-543-1651

Harty, Mary, Senior Academic Advisor

Bagley Hall 303C 206-616-9880

Henderson, Steffan, Secretary Senior

Chemistry Building 404A 206-543-1656

Heutink, John, Instrument Maker

Bagley Hall 082A 206-543-1616

Holliday, Catherine, Research Coordinator

Chemistry Building 304A 206-543-7968

Holm, Brian, Program Operations Manager, Facilities and Machine Shop

Bagley Hall 082B 206-543-1616

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Ketcham, Richard, Research Engineer

Bagley Hall 379 206-685-2438

Knight, Diana, Assistant to the Chair

Bagley Hall 109J 206-543-1611

Kramer, Dustin, Scientific Instructional Technician

Bagley Hall 171 206-543-1606

Kreutz, Jason, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 012 206-543-6665

Kruse, Loren, Research Engineer

Bagley Hall 077 206-897-1684

Kurtz, Leesa, Scientific Instructional Technician

Chemistry Building 108 206-616-4220, 206-680-4304 (pager)

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Leach, Thomas, Scientific Instructional Technician

Bagley Hall 133D 206-685-9466

Lindquist, David, Scientific Instructional Technician

Bagley Hall 290E 206-616-9180, 206-540-6096 pgr

Littell, Gretchen, Payroll Coordinator

Bagley Hall 109E 206-543-8872

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Maki, Alison, Research Aide

Bagley Hall 192 206-221-4197

Maki, Jennifer, Research Coordinator

Bagley Hall 192G 206-685-3943, 206-221-5957

McArthur, Ed, Instrument Maker

Bagley Hall 082A 206-543-1616

McNabb, Natalie, Grant Specialist

Bagley Hall 109B 206-616-9936

Miller, Paul, Director of Undergraduate Services

Bagley Hall 303D 206-543-8183, 206-543-1652

Mudeppa, Devaraja, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 192Q 206-543-2937

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Olund, Roy, Research Engineer

Bagley Hall 074 206-543-6195

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Paranji, Rajan, NMR Facility Manager

Bagley Hall 065 206-685-2581

Pavelitz, Thomas, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 063 206-543-5081

Pedersen, Gary, Executive Director

Bagley Hall 109F 206-543-1612

Perara, Eve, Diversity, Education, and Outreach Director, CENTC

Bagley Hall 422C 206-543-3357

Peterson, John, Research Engineer

The Computer Center

Bagley Hall 379 206-543-1699, 206-543-1610

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Quigley, Kimberly, Associate Administrator

Bagley Hall 109G 206-221-7084

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Roehrich, Adrienne, Associate Manager, NMR Facility

Bagley Hall 057 206-543-1652

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Sadilek, Martin, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 060 206-543-4749

Soldatova, Aleksandra, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 425 206-685-4793

Steuermann, Angela, Fiscal Specialist

Bagley Hall 109P 206-543-2873

Stone, Leilani, Lead Academic Advisor

Bagley Hall 303B 206-543-9343

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Tafreshi, Lynsey, Assistant to the Director, CENTC

Bagley Hall 422A 206-543-3693

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Wadolowski, Wiktor, Scientific Instructional Technician, UG Stockroom

Bagley Hall 271 206-543-1607

Weaks, Sally, Computer Support Analyst

Bagley Hall 363 206-543-5315

White, John, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 192J 206-616-6882

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Yang, Jeffrey, Staff

Bagley Hall 374 206-685-4051

Yu, Jiangbo, Research Scientist

Bagley Hall 008 206-543-0157

Yurkanin, Tamara, IT Project Manager, CENTC

Bagley Hall 412A 206-616-4199

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Zigler, Ashley, Graduate Program Coordinator

Bagley Hall 109D 206-543-4787

Zimmerman, Michael, Fiscal Specialist

Bagley Hall 109P 206-543-4632, 206-543-1624

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