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Instrument Use Reporting

Instrument Use Reporting

Departmental instruments that do not require advance reservations before use nonetheless do require that users report the amount of time used for billing purposes. Billable instrument time is reported using a web-based reporting system. A list of the instruments requiring the reporting of time used, along with links to the reporting pages, is available on the right sidebar of this page.

User Names, Passwords, and Budgets

This system now uses a UWNetID for login authentication.  When prompted to log in while making a reservation, use your UWNetID as the "User Name". For the "Password", you will use your UWNetID password. The list of budgets available on your account is the same as that available when using the photocopy machines or the stockroom.


If your UWNetID / Password does not allow you to login to the reservation system, please contact the Chemistry Purchasing and Accounting office (Bagley 109). Likewise, if you need to have a budget added to your user name, please contact the Purchasing and Accounting office.


Whenever you attempt to make a reservation, or modify an exiting reservation, the system will prompt you to login if you have not already done so. The login will expire after five minutes if there is no user activity. You can also logout by using the "logout" link found on the each of the reservation pages, or by simply exiting the browser.

Reporting Use of Instrument Time

Click on the link (found on the right sidebar of this page) to the reporting page for the desired instrument. The action will bring up a log in box, where you enter your user name and password, followed by a page for actually reporting time. On the reporting page, select the length of time for which the instrument was used and the budget/project that should be charged for the instrument use. Then click the "Submit" button.

Report Instrument Use

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