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Instrument Reservations

Instrument Reservations

Many of the departmental instruments require advance reservations before use. Reservations are made using a web-based reservations system. A list of the instruments requiring advance reservations, along with links to the reservation pages, is available on the right sidebar of this page.

Departmental policy is that users are billed for reserved instrument time, regardless of whether they actually use the time or not. Reservations may be cancelled without penalty up to the starting time of the reserved period. After that, only the remaining unexpired time can be cancelled. The billing rate for each instrument can be found on the page describing that instrument.

User Names, Passwords, and Budgets

This system now uses a UWNetID for login authentication.  When prompted to log in while making a reservation, use your UWNetID as the "User Name". For the "Password", you will use your UWNetID password. The list of budgets available on your account is the same as that available when using the photocopy machines or the stockroom.

If your UWNetID / Password does not allow you to login to the reservation system, please contact the Chemistry Purchasing and Accounting office (Bagley 109). Likewise, if you need to have a budget added to your user name, please contact the Purchasing and Accounting office.


Whenever you attempt to make a reservation, or modify an exiting reservation, the system will prompt you to login if you have not already done so. The login will expire after five minutes if there is no user activity. You can also logout by using the "logout" link found on the each of the reservation pages, or by simply exiting the browser.

Making a Reservation

Click on the link (found on the right sidebar of this page) to the reservation page for the instrument you wish to reserve. This action will bring up the weekly calendar page for that instrument, which shows the schedule for the next four weeks. The "Last Week" and "Next Week" links found at the top corners of the calendar can be used to advance or retard the weekly calendar display in increments of one week.

The displayed date in each cell (in blue and underlined) of the weekly calendar is a link to the daily calendar page for that day on that instrument. Days which are already in the past do not have active links. Click on the date link for the day on which you wish to make the reservation. This will bring up the daily calendar for the selected day. The "Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" links at the top corners of the calendar page can be used to advance or retard the daily calendar display in increments of one day.

The daily calendar for an instrument contains an entry for each of the reservation "slots" available in one day. Reservation slots are commonly 10 minutes in length, but may be different for each instrument. The slots are displayed in a table where each row represents one hour. Slots that are available display the word "Open", which is a link to the page used for making a reservation starting at that time. Time slots that are already occupied by reservations display the word "Reserved", which is a link to the page used to display the details of the reservation. Time slots that are already in the past display the word "Closed". Time slots that display the word "Partial" are already partially expired but still reservable. Some time slots may be restricted; either in terms of the total length of the reservation, or how far in advance a reservation may be made, or both. These restricted time slots are color-coded and marked by a footnote annotation with explanatory text at the bottom of the calendar page.

Click on the time slot "Open" link for the time at which you wish the reservation to start. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so at this time, after which the "Make New Reservation" page will be displayed. Select the desired ending date and time from the "Ending Time" pull boxes. Then use the Budget/Project pull box to select the budget which will be charged for the reservation. Complete the reservation by clicking the "Submit" button. If the reservation is successful, you will be returned to the daily calendar page where the reservation will be visible.

Deleting or Changing a Reservation

A user may modify or delete an existing reservation under some circumstances. A reservation may be completely deleted if the reservation start time has not already past. If the reservation start time has past, but the ending time is still in the future, the unused portion of the reservation may be deleted. A user may also change the ending time of a reservation, so long as the ending time has not already past and the desired ending time is still in the future. Additionally, a user may also change the budget number to which a reservation is billed. This can be done even after the ending time of the reservation has passed, up until the time when the billing process occurs.

An existing reservation may be accessed from either the weekly calendar page or daily calendar page for the instrument in question. In the case of the weekly calendar, the link is the name of the person that made the reservation or, alternatively, a description of the reservation. In the case of the daily calendar, the link is simply the word "Reserved". Clicking on one of these links brings up the "Existing Reservation" page and displays the details of the reservation. These details include the starting and ending time, the name of the user who made the reservation, the budget to which the reservation is charged, and the billing status. There are three buttons at the bottom of this page that can be used to alter the reservation: "Delete", "Change End Time", and "Change Budget/Project".

Clicking on any of these three buttons will result in a login prompt if the user is not already logged in. To successfully delete a reservation, or otherwise modify it, the user must log in using the same user name under which the reservation was made. As described above, only the unused portion of a reservation may be deleted. Likewise, the budget for a reservation can only be changed if the Billing Status is listed as "unbilled".

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