Nitrogen Gas Supply

Nitrogen Gas Supply

The Chemistry department maintains a system for distributing gas to all research labs in the CHB building and a subset of the research labs and teaching labs in Bagley Hall. The number of labs served in Bagley Hall increased considerably with the recent completion of renovation work on the 3rd and 4th floors.

The nitrogen gas is supplied from a 1500 gallon liquid nitrogen storage tank located on the southeast corner of the CHB loading dock. This same LN2 tank is also used to fill large portable transfer dewars which are in turn used to fill NMR magnets, etc.

The aggregate demand on the system is quite high, requring LN2 deliveries to refill the 1500 gallon tank approximately twice per week. This is near the pratical limits of what our supplier can provide. Much of this use is due to the demands placed on the laboratory gas supply system, which currently consumes ~$25,000 worth of liquid nitrogen per year. Since the system was originally installed without any per-lab metering of delivered gas, it has proved very difficult to monitor and control the rate of gas usage.

We are now in the process of installing per-lab metering of delivered gas. The newly renovated labs on the 3rd and 4th floors of Bagley already have the metering system installed. Once installation of the metering system is complete, we will begin billing lab PI's on a monthly basis for the volume of nitrogen gas consumed.

The new metering system includes web-based tools that allow display of the metered gas consumption history in each room where metering is installed. The link to the gas consumption display page is show at right. This page can be viewed from any computer on the UW network. The right sidebar also includes links for administrative control of the nitrogen gas metering system. These pages are retricted to users with admistrative access.

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